Local Pastry Chef Masters The Art of Cupcakes

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I hope you're hungry or at least have a sweet tooth because in this week's Art Talk, we're taking a turn to the culinary arts with cupcakes! If you don't think cupcakes can be a work of art, check out what they do inside Daddy Cakes!

Inside, co-owner and pastry chef Allyson Fiander whips chocolate into a butter cream icing she just made. "Everything starts from basic ingredients every morning, " she says mid-stir.

And Fiander wouldn't have it any other way. In fact it's not unusual for her to beat the sun to work, making sure the dozens of dozens of cupcakes she makes every day are perfect. That requires a lot of fresh ingredients, try 20 pounds of sugar a day!!

"I think what's even more impressive is the butter," she says. "This is a couple of days worth right here." Fiander opens the fridge to expose half a shelf full of butter.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of a cupcake. Fiander boasts 25 years as a pastry chef, trained in France. She also owned her own french bakery in Kansas City but was ready to break more bakery barriers.

"My french pastry shop was very classical and I wanted to tap in to that young hip crowd that would get excited about cupcakes!" she says.

And there are a lot of flavors to get excited about from gourmet classics like Death by Chocolate and Billy Vanilly to Root Beer Float, Java Junkie, Cosmopolitan and Margarita!

"We have a few drink inspired cupcakes, that was the crowd we were going for, so margarita is just a lemon-lime flavor with a little zing in the butter cream." Fiander adds.

"I try to make some crazy ones like chai spice and some people like it," she nods, adding cookie dough chunks on top of a row of chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. "But the big sellers are always the classics, like chocolate and strawberry."

Fiander also makes glamorous wedding and special occasion cakes. often using customer inspiration. She gets her inspiration everywhere.

"I draw inspiration from stuff around me and try to interpret it to my art form ,which is cake. So sometimes i'll be shopping and see a cute dress on the rack and think that would make a really cute cake!" Fiander laughs.

After one year of business, Daddy Cakes is a success. But why the name Daddy Cakes? Well it's all in the cupcake pans.

"I had the smaller ones and I had the larger ones and I think my kids, my youngest, said 'This is the baby, this is the daddy!' so we had a long list of names and we kept going back to daddycakes." admits Fiander.

Just like their customers, they keep coming back too.

And coming up, we'll see how Fiander spreads her love for sweets and culture by teaching a group the art of the Buche de Noel .