Meet Two Kids Who Want A Big Brother And Big Sister!

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Being a mentor to a child can take as little as a few hours a week but can make a lifetime of difference. Meet two kids who want to share their lives with a big brother and big sister.

LaSean and LeShai Holt want to get the ball the rolling to find a new big brother and sister. They have simple reasons for wanting bigs.

"Because I don't want to sit at home anymore!" says 7-year-old LeShai.

"She wants me to have fun and I want her to have fun," says older brother LaSean.

Both LeShai and 17-year-old LaSean had bigs in the past but lost them for different reasons like work conflicts and moving out of state. So now, they want to share their lives with new friends in all sorts of fun ways.

"I like to write and color, I like to go to Chuck E. Cheese, Toys 'R' Us, all kinds of places. I like to do math and read," says LeShai.

LaSean loves basketball and video games and just wants a big brother that does too. "I'm not looking for much, just a big brother i can talk to, go out and do things with."

And he has a message for those of you teetering on the edge. "If you're thinking about being a big, it is really fun and you might just enjoy it!"