Injured Kansas Pole Vaulter Heads Home

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COLWICH, Kan. (AP) _ A Hutchinson Community College student injured while pole vaulting heads home after more than a month in the hospital.

Chase Kear suffered a head injury Oct. 2 during a track and field practice at Gowans Stadium.

The sophomore left Wesley Medical Center in Wichita on Friday and headed to his home in Colwich. He got an escort from Colwich police and fire fighters, and a house full of friends and family greeted him.

His mother, Paula Kear, says doctors told the family not to expect him to make it after the accident. She says she didn't think his homecoming would come so soon.

But his recovery isn't over. He has to attend outpatient rehabilitation about five days a week. He also needs surgery to put a ceramic plate in his head to protect his brain.

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