More Ohio Employees Punished over Joe The Plumber Searches

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Two more Ohio state employees are being
suspended without pay for their part in using work computers to dig
up information about ``Joe the Plumber.''

The employees are senior managers in the Department of Job and Family Services. One worker is being suspended for two weeks, the
other for four-weeks.

A state report says the department's director had improperly ordered staffers to look up records on Samuel J. Wurzelbacher. He's the fellow who made news as ``Joe the Plumber'' for confrontating Barack Obama on taxes during the final weeks of the presidential campaign. The department director was placed on a one-month unpaid
suspension because of the snooping.

Two other state employees will receive written reprimands. All four will have to undergo ethics training on how to handle confidential data.

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