Boy Calls 911 to Save Mom

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MAPLE HILL, Kan. - A 10 year old Kansas boy is being called a hero for helping save his mom's life. Trey Woltje had a hero's recognition in front of his Maple Hill classmates Friday at a school assembly.

On November 7 at about 4:20p.m., Trey's mom had a bad asthma attack and passed out. Trey knew enough to call 911 and then tell dispatch how to get to his house.

Trey said the situation that day, for him, is hard to describe. Summed up in one word, he said seeing his mom unconscious on the floor was "scary."

"The next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor and Trey's patting me on the head," Trey's mom, Miranda Cottone recalls. "He's got the phone in the other hand talking to somebody with 911."

Annette Glotzbach with the Wabaunsee County Sheriff's Department answered Trey's 911 call. "He did a wonderful job," she said. "He stayed nice and calm and kept telling me where the house was and how to get to the house and that mommy was having problems."

Knowing when to call 911 is a lesson Trey's parents have taught their kids, but never before put to the test.

"Sometimes I'm still in shock how a little boy can do so much," said Cottone. "You know you teach your kids how to do these things and you're not sure whether it's going to instill in their memory, whether they're going to remember it at the right time. But he did everything right, stayed calm throughout everything, and he's definitely a smart little kid. I'm very proud of him."

Trey's actions earned him a surprise visit from the Wabaunsee County Sheriff, Fire and AMR Friday during a special school assembly.

They presented Trey with a Certificate of Bravery, a toy fire truck and bag of candy. Trey graciously accepted his gifts and was in a hurry to settle back into school as usual, out of the hero's spotlight.

"He's a pretty strong, intelligent, very special child and I'm lucky to have him," said Cottone. "If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here."

Trey's living up to "man of the house" for his mom and sister while his stepdad is serving in Iraq.