A New Fire Extinguisher That Saves Lives

TOPEKA, Kan. - Several local police and emergency agencies gathered on Friday to witness a very important demonstration of a unique new life saving tool called Cold Fire.

Cold Fire is used in motor sports and major speedways for years is now available and being used by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

At a time when it may seem that everything is out of control, it is a comfort to know that local law enforcement agencies are actively exploring tools that could literally save our lives. With the ongoing changes in technology such as the use of tasers, vehicle license plate recognition systems, and digital dash cameras have increased effectiveness and public safety. Now hand held Cold Fire extinguishers may be added to that list.

Cold Fire is a nontoxic, plant-based, biodegradable, chemical wetting agent. It is a fire suppressant that undergoes an endothermic reaction in the presence of heat. It pulls the heat out of a fire. In the case of a car fire, Cold Fire would encapsulate the fuel source and eliminate the heat of the fire. The rapid cooling enhances safety by leaving the car cool to the touch for rescue. It can be sprayed directly onto the victim's skin without harmful effects.

According to the Fire Freeze Worldwide, Inc. website, the company that manufactures it, Cold Fire "is considered to have six times the penetrating capability of water. It extinguishes six to 10 times faster than water. Cold Fire does not leave a residue and it has been determined that it does not influence investigative scenes of suspected arson."

On Friday, Topeka Police Department hosted a live demonstration of Cold Fire demonstrated by the manufacturer FireFreeze Worldwide, Inc., which was held at the Fire Academy, 4th and Jefferson.

Some of the live demonstrations included the burning of wood pallets, diesel fuel, a hand held magnesium burn at 5600 degrees, and a human skin test.

Thom Payson, a former police officer and distributor of Cold Fire, understands how important it is for first responders to be well equipped. "Over 90 percent of the time police officers are the first responders to a car fire," Payson said. "If you have a Cold Fire extinguisher in your vehicle, you have just bought some time and increased the likelihood of a successful rescue when the fire department gets on the scene."

Cold Fire is currently being used by Lenexa, Merriam, Olathe, Prairie Village, Shawnee, Johnson County Sheriff's Department, Bonner Springs and Emporia in Kansas.