Pay Your 2008 Taxes On-Line

The 2008 tax information is available on the Shawnee County website

The 2008 property tax statements will be mailed Monday, Nov. 24. There is a new design to the tax statements this year because the County Treasurer's office is using a lockbox service.

There will only be one payment coupon for the first mailing of the tax statements. There will be a second half 2008 tax statement mailing in April 2009 for those that owe a second half tax balance as long as there is no accruing interest.

The total amount certified to the Shawnee County Treasurer is $213,517,197.64 The first half tax is due December 20, 2008, and the second half tax is due May 10, 2009.

Property tax payments may be made by mail, or in person at the White Lakes Motor Vehicle Annex, 3600 S. Topeka and the Shawnee County Courthouse, Room 101.

To avoid interest, tax payments by mail must be postmarked on or before December 20, 2008. For taxpayer convenience, the Shawnee County Treasurer's office will accept major credit cards for payment of property taxes. There will be a convenience fee for using credit cards.