Heartland Visioning Announces Key Strategies for First Year

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Topeka - Less than 24-hours after releasing its strategic plan for the future of Topeka and Shawnee County, the Heartland Visioning steering committee has identified seven key strategies it will focus on next year.

They are: skills training for workers; encouraging college-aged people to connect with the community; develop a county-wide master plan for recreation and entertainment; develop a downtown master plan; provide infrastructure for revitalizing north, east, south and central topeka; develop a countywide brand for marketing; and develop an annual legislative agenda.

“All the strategies in the plan are important to us," steering committe co-chairman Bill Moore said in a statement. "In an effort to start strong these seven were chosen because we believe they give us the greatest opportunity for success.”

Criteria used in selecting the key strategies were its positive effect on the key benchmarks; that a coalition does not already exist; the action is possible and readily measurable; and potential for early success.