Great American Smokeout Day

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A local eatery is serving up motivation for you to kick the habit!!

Spangles is offering a free turkey on pita Thursday to anyone who "Quits cold turkey," and brings in a pack of cigarettes three fourths full or more.

It's in connection with the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout day.

The Shawnee County Health Agency is also taking part by offering free "quit kits" to smokers. They contain tips on quitting, smoking substitutes to fight cravings, and information on Kan-stop, the state's toll-free quitline.

You can pick one up from 8-to12 and 1-to-5 Thursday at the Health Agency's Main Clinic on Eighth. The Hillcrest Clinic on Southeast 21st or the M-and-"Eye" clinic at 1534 Southwest Clay.