Shawnee County Considers Refuse Rate Increase

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Shawnee County Refuse is suggesting a rate increase.

Shawnee County Commissioners will consider a five-percent rate increase at their meeting Thursday.

The one-can monthly rate for city customers would be $11.71. In the county, it would go up to $12.77.

In his memo to commissioners, Refuse Director Steve Bolton says the proposed increase amounts to 16-cents a week for city customers; 18-cents a week for those in the county.

Shawnee County Refuse
2009 Proposed Increase

Current Proposed
1 can $11.15 $11.71
60 gallon 13.16 13.82
90 gallon 14.82 15.56

Current Proposed
1 can $12.16 $12.77
60 gallon 14.13 14.84
90 gallon 16.02 16.82