501 Superintendent Talks Budget, Future

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(Topeka, KS)--Dr. Kevin Singer was introduced to the Topeka City Council Tuesday evening for the first time. The Topeka 501 Superintendent then spoke with 13 News on a variety of issues.

Regarding budget cuts, Singer said the Budget Reduction Committee will be meeting three times, then giving their ideas in January. Singer will then look at that, and give the board his thoughts, and they will go from there.

He did say that teachers who are doing a good job will still have their jobs, and they should not worry. He said natural attrition should cover some of the cuts.

Concerning 501's possible purchase of the old state hospital grounds, he said it was not too premature to speculate about what 501 would do with the grounds.

He said a pact with Washburn University and the technical school could provide construction students a chance to get experience while attending classes.

He said discussions have centered on an environmental center, a day care center, and early childhood education.

Finally, regarding the relationship between 501 and city government, he said it is strong, and both entities hope to figure out ways to use shared employees going forward.

Click the video for our unedited conversation with Singer.