Kansas Regents to Consider Housing and Food Hikes

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Room and board costs will likely go up at state universities next year.

The Kansas Board of Regents hears a first reading this week of the proposed increases for housing and food service. The plan calls for a 5.1 percent hike for KU, or $328 a year. The amounts are a little less for K-State and Emporia State.

The increases generally are driven by inflation and improvements to facilities and services.

Proposed Housing and Food Service Increases
Current Proposed Increase
KU $6,474 $6,802 $328 (5.1%)
KSU 6,448 6,752 304 (4.7%)
ESU 5,857 6,146 289 (4.9%)
WSU 5,860 6,060 200 (3.4%)
PSU 5,394 5,744 350 (6.5%)
FHSU 6,252 6,560 308 (4.9%)
Source: Kansas Board of Regents

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