Several Persons Of Interest In Shooting

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There are several persons of interest according to the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office. They are investigating a shooting that occurred Tuesday morning in the 2700 block of SE Peck.

18-year-old Caylee Longstaff was driving a white car when it was shot at several times.

"There were at least 14 rounds fired. We have 14 casings. Seven of those struck the vehicle," said Shawnee County Sheriff, Dick Barta.

"We have at this point, unidentified suspects, in an unidentified vehicle," said Sheriff Barta.

They do have several persons of interest that they are trying to locate.

Longstaff was driven to Stormont Vail by her father where she continues to recover. At this time deputies are still trying to figure out if the incident was random or if Longstaff was a target.

"Right now we don't have any suspect information. So, to answer your questions, was this random or (not), that's a question we can't answer at this time," said Barta.