Children's Book Brought To Life On Topeka Stage

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If you're looking for a great activity to keep your kid entertained that is inside and warm, the Topeka Civic Theatre has the answer.

Bringing the famous books by Arnold Lobel to life, "A Year With Frog and Toad" takes the stage at the Topeka Civic Theatre.

Director Jennifer Fletcher describes the play, "It goes through a year with Frog and Toad. They wake up in the spring and go swimming, they make cookies, and then we wrap it up at Christmas."

Transforming a group of twenty somethings on a stage to look like tiny creatures in the grass is no small task. Tall grass helps shrink the actors. On the right of the stage, a huge brown structure with painted carpet padding is transformed to represent the stump frog lives in. And on stage left, Toad lives in a toadstool! Turn them around and you get a peek inside of a bed complete with lamps, etc. so its easy to imagine Frog and Toad in lots of different situations.

"Mostly a set needs to be functional, it should look good but mostly it needs to be functional," Flethcer adds.

The show is aimed at toddlers, and elementary school kids. And its a tall order keeping a toddler's attention for the length of a play. Fletcher faces it head on.

"The characters are played a little bit bigger, and it moves quickly, a lot of music, interactive with the audience."

So Fletcher knew exactly what she was looking for when casting the roles.

"I was looking for a lot of energy and Frog and Toad had to have good chemistry. The two that play Frog and Toad are good friends in real life."

But not to worry parents--- they're something for you too. Fletcher promises a fun show with funny moments and songs that will let parents enjoy it as much as their children.