Former President George H.W. Bush Heckled at KU

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) _ As his son's presidency winds down, former
President George H.W. Bush faces a few anti-war hecklers at the
University of Kansas.

The nation's 41st president came to the university to receive
the 2008 Leadership Prize from the Dole Institute of Politics.

He touched on a wide range of topics including the current Iraq
war and the previous one he oversaw.

But anti-war hecklers interrupted him three times. When one
protester was admonished to be civil, he shouted back, ``There's
nothing civil about war or war crimes.''

Security escorted out about a half dozen people from the
audience of about 2,000.

Later Bush said, ``These guys yell at me, it doesn't bother me

He also discussed many people who touched his life over the years. He said Richard Nixon had a "down side" as people could tell from his tapes, but also had a vision and cared for the nation.

He called Ronald Reagan compassionate, and said he would never pass by the people who worked at the White House without asking about their family.

He said his son, current President George W. Bush works hard and does the best he can, as well as holding his head high. He said he can't wait until his son comes home to Texas.

Bush wishes President-elect Barack Obama well, and that his win was majestic.

Bush regrets saying "Read my lips, no new taxes," and says he has become close friends with Bill Clinton.