Hayden High School Football Fans Struggle To Stay Warm

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Topeka, KS (WIBW)--Hayden High's football team battled for a win Friday night as they enter the state quarter finals.

It was just 44 degrees at kick off and the wind sure didn't help the situation making it feel more like 38 degrees.

Hayden high schools football team is putting the heat on their competition as they enter the state quarter finals, struggling to stay warm are the fans, especially Kendall Steinlage the only student in shorts. He said the secret to staying warm is to sit in the middle of the crowd and stay there.

Since mothers know best we found a mom knows that Hayden is going all the way and she had to be a "mom" saying this about the students in shorts.

"Oh my goodness, get some clothes on cuz it's cold," Shelly Luebbe said.

No lack of clothes for those in the band and the dance team, in fact they added extra layers for the game.

"We have under things, we have long underwear and gloves. We just move and we try out best to stay warm, it's tough though," Hayden Dance Team Member, Sarah Franklin said.

"Wear lots of layers and funny hats like mine,” was the advice by Hayden Band Member Callie Versluys.

As football teams advance surely the nights are only going to get colder but that isn't going to stop fans from getting fired up about their teams!

"You gotta be tough, you have to be out here just like the football players," said Versluys.

"Dress warm and get ready to cheer because we're going all the way," said Randy Luebbe.

Hayden defeated Buhler 37-13. Hayden now advances to the State Semi-Finals.