Near-Tragedy At Scenic Overlook

(CBS) Member of an Oregon family are thanking their lucky stars -- and calling for improved safety precautions at scenic overlooks --after a picture-perfect moment turned into a near-tragedy.

The Pittons were on a vacation to the Oregon coast with cousins from Iowa when they stopped at a state park along Highway 101 to admire the view of the Pacific Ocean.

Three kids posed for a beautiful photo, when three-year-old Alaina Pitton suddenly tumbled through a fence, toward the lip of a 150-foot high cliff.

It was caught on video.

Someone in the background screamed, "Oh my God, oh my God!"

Alaina landed just inches from the edge.

A cousin jumped the fence and pulled her to safety.

Later, Alain said, "It was so, so scary. I almost fell way down there. I was shaking. My tummy was shaking. My head was shaking. My arms were shaking, and my legs. My feet, too."

Her parents say they're making the tape public in the hope such locations are made more kid-friendly.

Alaina's mother, Charlotte Pitton, descrbied "that heart pounding, and that teffirying feeling that I really have never, I have never experienced that just terrifying feeling like that before."

The family says Alaina wasn't hurt, and they don't plan to sue over the scary incident.

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