Hearing in Kansas Abortion Case Targets Prosecutors

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Two former Kansas attorneys general will be in court next week to defend their actions in the prosecution of Dr. George Tiller.

Phill Kline is accused of being overzealous. Paul Morrison is acused of letting his mistress sway him.

Both men are subpoened to testify at a pretrial hearing that begins Monday. Tiller's defense attorneys are trying to get evidence suppressed or charges dismissed with claims of prosecutorial misconduct.

The defense claims Kline conduct was so outrageous that no change in the administration of the attorney general's office could remove the taint. They also claim that Morrison's mistress had urged her lover to file charges against Tiller.

Morrison charged Tiller in June 2007 with 19 counts of breaking a 1998 state law requiring that a second, independent Kansas physician sign off on most late-term abortions.

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