Wanted Man Accidentally Shot While Being Taken into Custody

TOPEKA, Kan. - Topeka detectives are investigating how a bail bonds employee shot a Topeka man while he was being arrested.

Topeka Police believe the shooting was an accident.

They say three people were present Thursday morning at the Traveller's Inn, 3846 SW Topeka Blvd., as a bail bonds company was taking a man into custody on a non-felony warrant.

Police are not sure whether all three of those people are A-1 Bail Bonds employees.

Detectives say that while the man was being handcuffed, a gun went off.

Sgt. Steve Taylor said it appears a lack of training may be to blame for the accidental shooting.

The man was treated at a local hospital, then taken into custody by law enforcement.

No word on whether any action will be taken against the bail bonds employee. A-1 Bail Bonds said they have no comment on the situation.

Incidentally, police did investigate an attack and stabbing at the Traveller's Inn last Wednesday evening, November 5. That incident also resulted in non life-threatening injuries.