Emporia Celebrates Veterans Day

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The cloudy skies, chilly air, and mist could not keep the people of Emporia at home. It is Veterans Day and while the parade had to be cancelled there is still plenty of opportunity to celebrate.

They started Tuesday morning with a Veterans breakfast then it was off to the Memorial Service. Hundreds of people gathered indoors to watch the service. Bands, singers, and the color guard were all present to make the 51st Veterans Day celebration memorable.

Following the Memorial Service everyone headed over to the American Legion for the Ham and Bean Feed. Waitresses worked to keep the coffee pot full as the line of hungry guests extended to the parking lot. Veterans reminiced about the past, chatted with friends, and ate what some would call 'comfort food'.

The Founding City of Veterans Day is a title the people of Emporia hold dear. It was in 1953 that a man named Al King decided that there should be a day for all Veterans. With the help of Congressman Ed Rees an act was pushed through Congress and President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared Veterans Day a national holiday on May 26, 1954.