Election Results In for Extremely Close Races in Kansas

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Several races have been called in Kansas. In Potawatamie County Stan Hartwich faced Gerald Greene for the 3rd District County Commission seat. The canvassing board reviewed every single ballot from 13 precincts. Hartwich won with a difference of just 21 votes but Greene has asked for a re-count.

The race for the 22nd District State Senate seat is over and will be retained by Roger Reitz. Rusty Wilson lost the election by just 21 votes.

In Willard, the county sales tax increased was decided by just one vote. To hear more you can click on the video icon at the top of this story. The links provided below will give you a closer look at the numbers.

Kansas Senate 22 = Kansas Senate 22

Pott Comm #3 = Pott County 3

Willard Tax = Willard Tax