2nd Community Meeting to Discuss Boundaries for USD 437

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TOPEKA, Kan. - The Auburn-Washburn Boundary Committee has created a revised elementary boundary plan. On November 10 the district hosted a town hall meeting to get feedback on the revised plan.

It was the second of two public meetings the district has scheduled to give community members a chance to comment on the plans as they are refined.

"People are very pleased with the schools their children are going to and we're going to have to move some students to a new school," said Martin Weishaar, USD 437 Communications Coordinator. "It's going to be difficult for some people and we think in the end it's gonna be really beneficial for the students."

The revised draft plan will impact students at Wanamaker, Indian Hills and Jay Shideler Elementary schools. With the revised plan, all students being moved will now be going to the new school, Farley Elementary.

"Some of the things I heard tonight was - as far as Jay Shideler - there are people that are wanting more economic diversity in that area," said Donna Dole, the parent of Jay Shideler students. Dole's home is on the border of the boundary lines between Jay Shideler and Farley Elementary. "One preference would be to stay in the school my kids are used to, but Farley is closer. We're trying to make sure that we explain to our kids that whatever the decision is, that we need to accept it and be happy with where we're at."

Maps and details of the plan are available on the district's website at www.usd437.net.

Questions and comments can also be directed at anytime to Martin Weishaar at martin@usd437.net or 339-4072.

Feedback from the community about the revised plan will help the district understand how the plan might impact families. A proposed boundary plan will go to the Board of Education on December 1st for initial consideration with final approval expected at their meeting on December 15th.

A Boundary Revision Committee made up of parent representatives from each of the district's elementary schools has been meeting to develop the boundary plan for the district's new elementary school.

Farley Elementary is set to open for the 2009-2010 school year.

Wanamaker Elementary principal Marcy Cassidy was selected to take the position of principal at the new Farley Elementary. Applications are being accepted for her replacement at Wanamaker Elementary.

Superintendent Dr. Brenda Dietrich says they are still looking for students and parents to choose a mascot for the new school.