WWII Evac Hospital from KU Debuts Tomorrow

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) _ A documentary about the World War II service of the 77th Evacuation Hospital formed at the University of Kansas Medical Center has been completed.

The 72-minute film will be shown tomorrow, Veterans Day, in Kansas City. Several surviving members of the 77th are expected to attend.

Ninety-one-year-old James McConchie, the last surviving original physician from the 77th, is pleased the film has been finished.

McConchie, a retired Independence radiologist, says ``I choke up every time I see it.''

Dan Ginavan, a filmmaker with the medical center's external affairs office, and others thought the hospital's story deserved telling. In the medical center's archives, they found a war journal, with photographs, and about three hours of 16 millimeter color film. Both were left by doctors from the 77th.

Ginavan conducted new interviews with surviving members at the unit's last formal reunion, in 2004 in Dayton, Ohio.

Today about 30 members of the 77th survive.

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