New Coats for Local Foster Children

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The Topeka Active 20-30 Club teamed up with foster care agency KVC Behavioral HealthCare to provide 100 new coats to local foster children. The kids lined up with their families at Wal Mart Sunday, and walked away with the opportunity for a warmer winter.

For 7-year-old Emily Daniels and 6-year-old Caleb Daniels, the most important part of picking out a new coat is finding the perfect color.

"Emily picked out pink, that's her favorite color. Caleb just happened to find a red one, which is his favorite color," Preston Daniels said." He's into that spiderman thing, she's into princesses."They're two beautiful, beautiful kids. They're just like any other normal kid."

For foster cildren like Emily and Caleb, being bundled up in a new coat is a special feeling.

"It's really a great group to work with because there is such a need," 20-30 Club Coats for Kids Event Coordinator, James Billinger, said. "They come out of homes and into foster homes with really nothing more than the clothes on their backs."

"They really happened to need coats this year and they did a beautiful thing here by letting us come out here and pick out some coats," Daniels said.

"We do it to honor all the parents that are willing to step up and be foster parents for these kids," Billinger said. "Because the kids are great and they need good homes."

The kids also got new hats and gloves. With snowy weather right around the corner, there's no better time to get ready for the cold.

"This is always a tough time on families, around the holidays," 20-30 Club member, Chris McGee, said.

"In the winter months, it's absolutely important that they're outfitted for the cold weather," Billinger said.

"For them, it's very important," Daniels said. "They only have to walk like a block after school each day. But when it gets cold in Kansas, that's, it's really nice to have a coat."

The 20-30 Club raised funding for the project at their annual Gala and Benefit Auction. Since last year, they ahve been able to provide new coats for twice as many foster children.