Carolyn Campbell Makes Kansas History

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(Topeka, KS)--Carolyn Campbell made history of her own on election night -- first being proud of Barack Obama for becoming the first black president, then being proud to be the first black woman elected to the Kansas State Board of Education.

She said she should have known she was a shoo-in -- she shares a birthday with Obama, whom she has met twice. She has also met other leaders, such as former President Bill Clinton and civil rights leader Rosa Parks.

She cried when she realized the implications of what she had done.

She thought of her father, a Topeka Police Officer who was only allowed to arrest black people. He died when she was three years old, and she says he would be extremely proud of her now.

Click the video to hear from this history-making Kansan.

She doesn't just bring history to the board -- she has strong opinions. A Democrat, she believes in teaching evolution in schools, and says the timeline of "No Child Left Behind" is not realistic.