Kansas Farm Bureau Holds Statewide Conference

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The focus is on farming in Manhattan.

The Kansas Farm Bureau is holding its statewide conference this week. About a thousand farmers and ranchers from across the state are discussing issues important to them and policy concerns to take to lawmakers.

13's Melissa Brunner took part Friday in a workshop on the news media. She explained how the news gathering process works and fielded questions on how farmers and ranchers can get attention to issues concerning them.

Kansas Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus says KFB will take the information it gets from its members at the conference to develop priorities for policies to lobby for in Topeka and Washington which will be favorable to rural America.

Baccus says the main issue facing farmers is the rising commodities costs. He says the increases in what it takes to produce are making it difficult to turn a profit.

"We're trying to ensure that environmental regulations, tax policy, global trade policy - are to the benefit of the American producer," Baccus said. "We need to be able to export our products to a global market. We need reasonable environmental regulations - we don't want to pollute the environment."

The conference began Thursdday. It wraps up Friday.