Horses Wrangled in Civil Dispute

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Becker Family Foundation spokesperson Jennifer Roberts said Thursday that the actions taken by the Foundation were within their right.

Roberts said Tametha Blase had a contract with the Becker Family Foundation to rent the property but it was past due. Roberts said that Blase had signed a promisory note for her debts and the terms of the agreement allowed the Foundation to take her horses if the terms were not met.

Roberts said Blase owed the foundation in excess of $50,000. She said they had attempted to obtain payment from Blase but with no success.

Roberts said the foundation was not aware that the horses were not all owned by Blase. She said they were moved in trailers to better conditions. Roberts said the Becker Family Foundation was concerned about the horses because they were loose on several occassions. Roberts said she believes Blase is in debt to several other businesses as well.

A civil suit has been filed by the Becker Family Foundation Attorney.


More than 50 horses are kept at Mount Bethel Farms just south of Meriden. They are boarded by Tametha Blase who tends to them for their 8 owners. She also keeps her own horses on the property.

Blase admits that she had fallen behind on her rent but said she had an agreement with Scott Becker, to pay him after she attended a horse show. According to Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Becker took matters into his own hands. He hired a company to take the horses to another location to be held as a lien.

Blase says it all happened Tuesday morning and she returned to the property to find all but 12 of the horses missing. Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies located the horses Wednesday and that night 28 of the horses were returned to their owners.

The rest of the horses are expected to be returned Thursday. Blase's horses will be kept until the dispute is setteled.

The party who took the horses declined to comment. It will be up to the County Attorney to determine if charges will be filed.