Minorities, Single Women, Young Whites Back Obama

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WASHINGTON (AP) _ Barack Obama has a lot of people to thank for
his election victory, including working women, minorities, young whites and many other groups of voters.

Exit polls indicate that 56 percent of women who voted were backing Obama. He did even better among unmarried females, with 70 percent support there.

Two-thirds of voters under 30 voted for Obama.

He had the support of nearly all blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics.

Among white voters, 54 percent of those under 30 voted for Obama. But he trailed John McCain by 18 percentage points among whites who haven't finished college. He was also 14 points behind among suburban whites.

Overall, white voters preferred McCain over Obama, 55 percent to 43 percent. Still, that's five points better than John Kerry's 17-point shortfall four years ago.

Four out of ten voters were Democrats, while a-third were from the GOP. That's the biggest partisan gap in exit polls dating back to 1992.