Johnson County Race Known for Stolen Signs Undecided

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OLATHE, Kan. (AP) _ The outcome of a Johnson County Commission
race popularized by a videotape showing the incumbent stealing his
opponent's campaign signs won't be known until Tuesday.

The Kansas City Star reported Wednesday that Election Commissioner Brian Newby said thousands of provisional ballots must be sorted and counted before a winner emerges. County Commissioner John Toplikar was trailing challenger Calvin Hayden by 52 votes.

Toplikar had 17,580 votes to Hayden's 17,632.

Toplikar became controversial when a video -- posted on YouTube
-- showed him taking Hayden's campaign signs.

Another close race is between Kansas Rep. Gene Rardin, a Democrat, and Republican Jim Yonally. Rardin was up 5,384 to Yonally's 5,297 -- an 87-vote margin.

Kansas legislative races that are closer than 100 votes could change with provisional ballots.

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