Quotes from the Kansas Campaign Trail

``I was quite pleased to see that people are taking this
election seriously. I voted for Obama _ I thought he had a better
tax break for the middle class.''
_ Charles Mayernik, 60, of Wichita, who retired from the Air
Force and favored Barack Obama's plans for getting out of Iraq,
beefing up Afghanistan and going after Osama Bin Laden. He also
voted for Pat Roberts and Todd Tiahrt because they were for the
Boeing tanker bid.
``Obama has a silver tongue in his mouth, but his background
speaks louder than his words. I don't trust him.''
_ Marti Jeffers, 80, a retired secretary in Olathe, who voted
for John McCain in the Kansas City suburb of Olathe. She and her
husband, Warren, 82, voted together.
``I kind of believe in income redistribution and I like Obama's
promise for national health care, but I doubt it's going to
_ Jacob Lecuyer, 23, a laborer from Olathe, who said he was
voting in his first presidential election.
``I'm afraid McCain would be like Bush. I don't want any more of
the same.''
_ Carolyn Loux, 62, postal worker from Olathe, who said she
voted straight Democratic ticket.
``He has a terrific record as a maverick. He doesn't follow
party discipline, party lines. And he can reach across the aisle.''
_ Shelby Smith, 81, of Wichita, a lobbyist in Topeka for
Crimestoppers and a school for the deaf who voted for McCain.
Smith, a former Kansas lieutenant governor during the late 1970s,
also voted for Roberts.
``I am very staunch McCain for his war activities and security
protection. Without security, the rest of the stuff down the line
on the economy is out the door.''
_ Bryan Schultz, 61, of Wichita, a retired postal worker who
also liked having Palin on the ticket. He called her ``a fresh
face,'' saying ``she hadn't been mixed up with all the insiders.''
``We need to get rid of Bush. I'm tired of Republicans being in
_ Helen Wagle, 51, of Wichita, a teacher, who voted for Obama.
``I think he will lead our country the best. He is a very
intelligent gentleman. I think he will seek out the wisdom of
others who are experts on the different needs of our country.''
_ Carolyn Bryant, 59, of Wichita, a retired teacher and a
registered Republican, who voted for Obama. She said her husband
works as an engineer at Hawker Beechcraft _ a company that
announced Monday it was laying off nearly 500 workers. But she said
she had planned to vote for Obama even before the layoff
``I am a firm Democrat in a number of issues _ probably most
important is foreign policy. I agree with his economic beliefs as
_ Cooper Phillips, 23, of Wichita works in marketing and Web
design, who voted for Obama. He was mostly interested in the
presidential race and tended to leave the other races blank on the
``It is all about giving emphasis to the middle class and the
lower-middle class, whom the Republicans seem to forget about.
Trickle-down economics doesn't work.''
_ Paul Hotchkiss, a 44-year-old historical restoration painter
from Topeka, who drove 13 hours from New Mexico to return home so
that he could cast his ballot for Obama in time.
``I like McCain but I can't stand Palin. He chose her, he lost
my vote. The first night I heard her I didn't like her.''
_ Dorothy Reffitt, 73, of Roeland Park, who takes care of her
54-year-old son paralyzed in a diving accident when he was 15. She
voted for Obama.

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