Chicago, Other Cities Readying for Election Night Security

CHICAGO (AP) _ Authorities in Chicago are bracing for a possible
security headache election night in Grant Park.
As many as a million people are expected to cheer on Barack
Obama as election returns come in.
Security preparations in Obama's hometown include orders for
off-duty firefighters to take their helmets, breathing tanks and
other gear home with them until after the election in case of any
emergency. All Chicago police officers have had their days off
canceled and are required to work Tuesday.
Police are imposing extensive street closures and parking bans
that will effectively shut down central Chicago Tuesday night.
Other cities around the country say intense interest in the
election and the possibility of large crowds are leading them to
also take crowd-control precautions usually seen during Super Bowls
and World Series.
In addition, police will be providing security at polling
stations to keep things running smoothly on Election Day.

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