Kansas On Its Way to Record-Breaking Election Numbers

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TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh predicted a record-breaking turnout for the upcoming general election.

"Given the historic nature of the upcoming presidential election, coupled with the impressive advance voting efforts across the state, I believe that Kansas will se a record number of our citizens at the polls on Election Day," said Thornburgh.

The Secretary of State's office predicts approximately 1,364,810 voters will turnout for the November 4 general election, or roughly 78%. This figure represents a 151,702 person increase from the 2004 general election turnout, which currently holds the record. In that race, 1,213,108 went to the polls, out of 1,694,365 registered.

"This election has generated an unbelievable amount of excitement and enthusiasm. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, Kansans have a number of interesting races and local questions on their ballots - and it looks as though that is translating into a very high turnout," said Thornburgh.

Advance voting, one of the leading indicators of turnout, is also on pace to exceed previous numbers. As of 8:00 a.m. Friday, 305,196 ballots have been requested, with 233,228 cast across the state. The current record was set in 2004, when 245,680 advance votes were cast.

"During this election cycle, we have seen an unprecedented effort on the part of political parties, candidates, and election officials to encourage advance voting. Now more than ever, we are truly seeing the beginning of an election period, rather than a single Election Day," said Thornburgh.

As of Friday, 1,749,756 voters are eligible to participate in the general election.

The number of voters affiliated with each recognized political party includes:
Republican - 771,019
Unaffiliated - 484,883
Democratic - 484,740
Libertarian - 9.786
Reform - 1,361
TOTAL - 1,749,756

Previous General Election Results
Year/ Registered Voters/ Turnout/ Percent
1998/ 1,513,685/ 751,505, 50%
2000/ 1,622,131/ 1,083,264/ 67%
2002/ 1,615,333/ 840,243/ 52%
2004/ 1,694,365/ 1,213,108/ 72%
2006/ 1,663,017/ 864,294/ 52%

Thornburgh also outlined five things voters should remember as they prepare to go to the polls on Election Day:

1. Expect a Ballot
If a voter is not on the list of registered voters or forgets to bring identification, he/she can ask for a provisional ballot. Poll workers can tell him/her how to check to make sure their vote counted.

2. Find your polling place
Visit www.voteks.org and click on the "Kansas VoterView" link to locate information regarding your voter registration and polling place location. The Secretary of State's office has also partnered with Google to provide directions to your polling place. For directions, visit http://maps.google.com/vote.

3. Bring I.D.
State law requires first time voters to show identification at any of the following times: at the time of registration; after registration and before Election Day; on Election Day; or after Election Day and before the county canvass.

4. Leave the campaign materials at home
State law prohibits voters from wearing or distributing any items (including stickers, pins, signs, jackets, t-shirts, hats, etc.) displaying the names of a candidate or campaign within 250 feet of a polling place.

5. Avoid the crowds
Polling places are busiest between 7 and 9 a.m., noon and 1 p.m., and 5 and 7 p.m.