KJCC Workers "Thrill" United Way with Their Efforts

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Workers at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex celebrated the end of their United Way campaign Friday. Since it was October 31st, a Halloween bash seemed an appropriate way to do it.

In what's become an annual ritual, staff members hammed it up by performing for their coworkers. This year featured dancing zomies in a "Thriller" routine and a trio of rappers, decked out in fake bling. KJCC Superintendent Michael Fitzgerald also got in on the act, doing a dance routine with his daughter, Maura.

Between pledges, auctions, casual days and cookouts, the workers raised more than $14,000 for the United Way. The total was up 40-percent from last year's campaign.

Fitzgerald says the workers get excited about the campaign as a chance to give back to their community. He says, given the work they do with troubled youth, they see firsthand the difference United Way programs can make.