Topeka Optomotrist Becomes Movie Monster in Halloween Tradition

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It's not just kids who love Halloween. Topeka optomotrist Dr. Terry Carney loves getting in the spirit, too.

This year, Carney made the rounds disguised as the Predator from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Carney's enlisted the help of Marc Tolbert to deck himself out in elaborate Halloween costumes since 1993. Their first creation was a vampire, and they've only missed a couple years in the interim.

This year's latex, fiberglass and foam creation took more than 60 hours to make.

"It's all made from scratch," Carney said. "He (Tolbert) gets the parts. He knows what looks good. We have some fittings, we pour the molds, do some painting, so some repairs and get the final product."

Carney's get-up definitely turned heads. He said he drew a crowd during a visit to the state volleyball competition at the Expocentre Friday morning. At his office, a young child dressed as a gnome was a bit fearful of the monster, but his big sister, the fairy, smiled and waved.