Big & Little Sister Carve Out Lifelong Friendship

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Emily Robertson, a precocious sixth grader, met her match in Suzanne Lane. The two have been a pair through Big Brothers Big Sisters for four years now. They got to know each other through the reading program first.

"She was only six," remembers Lane. "She didn't have front teeth, she was only this tall," Lane adds while motioning well below her own waist. Emily laughs, looking up. She's much taller now at 11 1/2 years old. And it was Emily that wanted more than just a reading buddy, asking Suzanne to become her full-time big sister.

In the past five years, their list of activities has grown as fast as their friendship. "We've done...a lot!" they say in unison. And they aren't exaggerating. They've enjoyed baking and cooking, ice skating, movies, and the theatre. But Lane admits, it isn't always a glamorous occasion. "Gosh sometimes, we'll just play cards and drink hot chocolate."

We caught the pair on a breezy Tuesday night, carving pumpkins in the driveway. "That's what halloween is all about, right!" Lane laughs. These two should know, they get in on the fun every year. This year they're taking a bipartisan approach. Little Emily is dressing as Sarah Palin while Lane dons a Hillary Clinton Costume. All jokes aside - the two have bonded. "She's a great lady," Emily boasts.

"She's become such a good friend. through the years, my divorce, the good times, the bad, we talk about together," Lane admits.
"School, boys, stuff, homework," Emily rambles off what they talk about. "She's amazing, that's all i have to say!" she adds, a sassy hand on her hip...then she shoots a look at Lane. "Don't start crying!!!!"

The joking and spunky pair admit, through a shared heart, they've carved out a lifelong friendship.

If you'd like to be a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can find a link to their website under the hot spot!