No Cause Found in Report On Police Helicopter Crash

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TOPEKA, Kan. - A report by the National Transportation Safety Board releases no probable cause for the problems with the Topeka Police Department Robinson R44 helicopter that made a crash landing on the campus of Washburn University April 5, 2008.

Just after midnight on the fifth, the helicopter was damaged after hitting a light pole during a precautionary landing in a parking lot. The commercial pilot and two observers were not injured.

The report states that during the flight, the pilot heard the helicopter's engine "fluctuate" slightly, and the needle was "jumping up-and-down." The pilot decided that they would perform a precautionary landing.

An inspection of the magneto - which is a generator supplying ignition current for certain types of internal combustion engines or a hand-operated generator for telephone signaling - found an "oil-like" liquid inside and covering the outside. The inspection also revealed residue/corrosion on the magneto contacts.

Read the full report here.