Officer Cleared of Accusations

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CARBONDALE, Kan. - The investigation into a Carbondale police officer's actions at a street dance has come to an end.

Cpl. Gregg Wallace was accused of using unnecessary force to break up a fight among young girls.

After investigations by a Missouri police department, they found Wallace conducted himself in a "safe and professional manner" when he broke up the fight about a month ago.

Officer Wallace subdued 12-year-old Abree Traphagen, who was involved in the fight.

Abree's family issued a complaint to the city council, saying Wallace was too rough and didn't identify himself as an officer.

Wednesday evening, the council put the issue to an end, reading the findings of the Missouri police department at a special meeting.

Officer Wallace said he's glad the matter is over so he, his family and the community can move on.

The Traphagens had originally said they were consulting a lawyer for advice on whether or not to seek legal action. No word on whether they'll go through with that. The Traphagens denied comment after Wednesday's meeting.