Adjutant General Hosts Appreciation Luncheon for KDOT Efforts

TOPEKA, Kan. - Maj. Gen. Tod Bunting, the Adjutant General and Director of Kansas Division of Emergency Management, will host an appreciation luncheon on Friday, Oct. 31 at noon to commemorate interagency collaboration between the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and the Adjutant General's Department, adding to the joint-use Crisis City training facility being developed at the Great Plains Joint Regional Training Center in Salina.

KDOT has transported 50 flatbed trailer loads of prefabricated concrete donated by Pretech Precast Concrete Technologies, Kansas City, Kan., to Crisis City. The pre-cast concrete will be used for the rubble pile search and rescue training venue there.

The opportunity for collaboration came after local guardsmen involved with various fire departments spread the word about Pretech Concretes' efforts to allow firefighters to practice concrete-sawing on concrete that doesn't meet code. From there, the Adjutant General's Department worked with KDOT to arrange for some of Pretech's excess pieces to be hauled to Salina.

KDOT agreed to undertake the 50 load project, with loads ranging from 40,000 to approximately 70,000 pounds, reimbursed only for fuel and toll costs.

This collaboration allowed for an expeditious and cost-effective endeavor to enhance Crisis City.

"We appreciate the tremendous job the Kansas Department of Transportation has done resulting in further development of this training site in Salina which will allow civilian emergency responders and the Guard to train with one another for disaster response involving collapsed structures," said Bunting.

"The interagency collaboration has been very smooth and can serve as an example for future endeavors."

Four KDOT trucks, two from Topeka and two from Salina, made the trips to Kansas City, Kan., to load the concrete and transfer it to the training site.

Pretech Precast Concrete Technologies manufacturers precast concrete manholes, inlets, pipe, electrical vaults and specialty products.

"This has been a win-win situation for the state and for Pretech as we were able to use the concrete they no longer needed," Bunting said. "We are very thankful for their donation to our training site."