Museum Features Greensburg's Environmental Efforts

May 4, 2007 - An F-5 tornado destroyed much of Greensburg in Kiowa County
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WASHINGTON (AP) _ Greensburg's efforts to rebuild from scratch after nearly being wiped away by a tornado last year, is quickly becoming a model for going green.

The Kansas town is one of the examples of sustainable living in ``Green Community,'' a new exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington. The exhibit opened Thursday and will run for a year.

Architect Susan Piedmont-Palladino says Greensburg is making an effort to look at a package of green technologies, from old ways of doing things to high-tech solutions.

For example, Greensburg plans to build enough windmills to harvest enough wind energy to power the town of about 700. And the city plans to collect street runoff and rainwater to irrigate plants.

The Building Museum exhibit uses satellite photos, community snapshots, short documentaries and interactive displays on the myriad ways people can make their hometowns greener.

More than a dozen communities from around the world are featured in the exhibit.

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