Topeka Residents Review Levee Improvement Project

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"We have been looking at the existing levee system in Topeka and evaluating its effectiveness and reliability against the Kansas River flooding and we have identified some areas that could use improvement," said Army Corps of Engineer Project Manager, Eric Lynn.

A meeting was held Wednesday evening at the Cyrus K. Holliday building in Topeka. From 6:30-8:30 citizens could stop by and review the project proposal.

To restore the levee would cost $23.5 million. "The way that the project is set up is that the federal government will pay 65% of that project cost and so we're only asking the city to come up with at 35% or a little over $8 million," said Lynn.

"We are hoping that this can be moved quickly because a lot of our economic development activities rely on the river and can be impacted by the river status. So we're anxiously looking to see this happen," said Deputy City Manager, Randy Speaker.

The project is at a standstill, however, until Congress gives its ok and the federal funds can be allocated or until the Water Resources Development Act can be re-visited.

To hear what Topekans thought of the project click on the video icon at the top of this story.