Romney Endorses Jenkins for Congress

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TOPEKA, Kan. - Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made a special guest appearance with Republican candidate for Congress and State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, CPA, on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Jenkins is running against Democratic Incumbent Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

The Jenkins campaign had a private fundraiser with Romney scheduled Wednesday at a Topeka home. The price for a spot inside varied from $250 to $2,000, with the latter amount getting the donor a picture with Romney. Couples could spend up to $2,500.

After the fundraiser, Romney and Jenkins gave a short news conference at the GOP Headquarters in Topeka. Romney said with the economy as the number one issue on voters' minds, Jenkins has the experience needed in Washington.

"The country faces some extraordinary challenges right now," said Romney. "We need to have somebody who has experience in economic matters representing our nation."

Rep. Boyda Wednesday said Jenkins' view on spending is not what the economy needs. She said Jenkins plans to continue subsidies for big companies.

Boyda said she wants to redirect those funds into health care, renewable fuels, education - into things that she says "really matter to our middle class and to building our economy from the middle up."

With the race winding down to its final two weeks, both candidates say they don't plan to make any changes.

"We're going to be doing the same thing we've been doing for the past year - getting out and talking to Kansans," said Jenkins.

Boyda said her campaign also plans to continue the same message. "Where we can take our country, how we build our economy from the middle class up... Make sure that we keep those middle class tax cuts in place," said Boyda.

Meantime, National Democrats are buying ads to support Boyda's re-election campaign despite her pleas for them to "get the heck out'' of her congressional race.

The new ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says the Topeka Democrat represents "the change Washington desperately needs.'' The ad began running in the district this week.

Republicans claim the new ad shows Boyda is not as independent
from the national party as she claims. Jenkins called it "just another example of Miss Boyda's line here at home and what actually happens."

But Boyda said she's still asking them to get out of the race. "The law says I can't tell them what to do," the congresswoman said. "I have called again - publicly because it's all I can legally do - for the DCCC to get out of my race. They have never heeded that call."