WRMS Staff Members Commit to Getting Fit

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With team names like Three Donuts and a Pretzel, Flab to Fab, and Mission "Slim" Possible you would not think this was a serious competition but that could not be further from the truth. More than 50 members of the staff at Washburn Middle School have divided into teams of four and are competing to get fit.

The program is called "Feeling Great by the End of '08". The rules are

Be honest when keeping track of good and bad food choices.
All dairy products must be low fat or 2%.
All grain products such as bread, pasta, rice, must be whole wheat / grain.
Drinks must be diet and contain no sugar.
When recording "bad" foods, each item counts. So having 2 pieces of white
bread is minus 4 points.
Bad foods include: any and all fried food, including chips; processed meats;
desserts with sugar; other junk food.
You are allowed ONE free "cheat treat" per week.
Not smoking results in earning 5 points a week.

Each person contributed $5 to participate and the winning team will divide
the money when the contest ends on December 15th.

For now the staff is energized. They are excited about getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. But several admitted that they have already cheated with a candy bar or a meal after 7pm. Each team has a captain who will keep track of the team's progress from now until December.

Hear what the staff is saying by clicking on the video icon at the top of
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