McCain Defends Robo-Calls

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"EARLY SHOW" - Sen. John McCain defended his campaign’s “robo call” about Barack Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers in an interview to be broadcast Tuesday on The Early Show.

In an exclusive interview with the Republican presidential candidate Monday in in St. Louis, Mo., co-anchor Harry Smith pointed out that even McCain’s running mate, Alaska Giv. Sarah Palin, has said she would prefer that the “robo calls” stop.

“Well, Sarah is a maverick, “McCain said. “That ‘robo call’ is absolutely accurate and, by the way, Sen. Obama's campaign is running ‘robo calls’ as we speak. He's running an ad that distorts -- that's untrue about my immigration position, about stem cell research, and about several other issues.

“I'm sure that Sarah and I have disagreed on some issues,” McCain continued. “You know, to think that somehow that we are saying something that’s not true in those calls is absolutely false. He was friends with a terrorist and his wife. He was and we need to know the full relationship. That's what Sen. (Hillary) Clinton said that we needed to know. And [Obama] started out by saying [Ayers] was a guy in the neighborhood. We know that he was not and we need to know all of those relations. The American people need to know it.”

Smith is scheduled to interview the Democratic presidential candidate , Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, on Wednesday, Oct. 22nd in Richmond, Virginia. That interview will be broadcast the following morning on The Early Show.