School Official: Ayers Cancellation Not Forced

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ Bill Ayers, the 1960's radical often linked
by Republicans to Barack Obama, won't be speaking at the University
of Nebraska-Lincoln next month.
Ayers, now a college professor in Chicago, was scheduled to
speak Nov. 15 at an education conference but his appearance was
canceled by Chancellor Harvey Perlman. Although Perlman says he
knows of no specific threat to harm Ayers, the school determined
some complaints constituted a safety threat.
Perlman says he wasn't pressured to cancel Ayers visit and says
he would have resigned if someone had tried.
Political leaders in the state, including Republican Gov. Dave
Heineman and some congressional members from both parties, were
outraged over Ayers' pending visit.
Ayers helped found the Vietnam-era radical group the Weathermen,
which carried out bombings at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.

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