Brothers, Topeka Natives, Killed in Oklahoma City

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Two brothers - born and raised in Topeka - were shot and killed Monday morning in Oklahoma City.

Officers found the bodies of 37-year old Corey Brown and 34-year old Shannon Brown just before 12:30 am, lying in the road on NE 5th St. near Lindsay Ave. in Oklahoma City.

OKC Police Capt. Lisa Camacho says it's believed the men got out of their vehicle and into the vehicle of two suspects. She says there was a struggle inside the vehicle, shots were fired and the suspects took off. It's not clear if the victims got out of the suspect vehicle on their own, or were somehow removed.

Capt. Camacho says police did chase a vehicle seen leaving the scene, but lost sight of it. It was found abandoned a short time later with no one inside.

The brothers lived in Texas. Corey Brown's widow contacted 13 News Monday night. She says they have a lot of family in Topeka and funeral services will be held in Topeka. Arrangements are still being made. She says the brothers were in Oklahoma City to visit their sister.