Kids Leave Impressions of Violence in Front of Capitol

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TOPEKA, Kan. - Topeka's 14th annual Week Without Violence is underway October 19 - 25. The YWCA hosted its 3rd annual Chalk at the Capitol Monday evening.

"We held it at the capitol because we wanted kids to be able to write messages on the sidewalk and for grown ups to be able to hear what kids think is important as far as ending violence and getting along with one another," said Nicole McMillan, Community Coordinator for YWCA Battered Women Task Force.

They counted at least 200 people at the event. Many families took advantage of the fun activities for children, and the opportunity to share the YWCA's message that violence needs to end.

"It's definitely important for the kids and the family to know that violence is not the answer," said Mark Burtnett, who brought his daughters to Chalk at the Capitol.

Events lined up all week are designed to get the community to show support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

"The goal for the week is for YWCA and Battered Women Task Force to be really visible in the community so that survivors know that we're here and that there's a community surrounding them that's supporting them and to really raise awareness about domestic violence, where to go for help and ways to stop it," said McMillan.

week without violence schedule
Tuesday, Oct. 21
Tunes at Noon Voices Against Violence Concert
Noon - 3 on the Washburn University Union lawn

Batterer's Intervention Programs: What Works, What Doesn't
5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. in the Washburn Univ. Union Shawnee Room

Wednesday, Oct. 22
March and Rally to End Domestic Violence
Noon - 1:00p.m. starting at the YWCA
*WIBW Anchor Melissa Brunner is a guest speaker*

Teen Dating and Violence: A forum for parents, teens & community members
6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m. in the Holton High School Auditorium

Thursday, Oct. 23
Speak Up, Speak Out
6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. at the Break Room, 911 S. Kansas Ave.