No Verdict Reached Yet in Spears Trial

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LOS ANGELES – A second day of deliberations ended Monday in Britney Spears' driving without a valid license case without a verdict.

Jurors left for the day after saying earlier in the day that they were hopelessly deadlocked. A foreman said they had voted three times since Friday, and each time failed to reach an unanimous conclusion.

The three votes were all 10 to 2, the foreman said without indicating whether which way.

Superior Court Judge James A. Steele asked the panel to take one more vote and try to make progress. Jurors were read testimony by Spears' father, Jamie, but did not indicate another stalemate before leaving. They resume their deliberations Tuesday morning.

They posed at least three questions throughout the day, including a clarification of the charges and what Spears had done to be charged.

Steele responded by reading sections of the California vehicle code to them and reminding jurors that they could only consider evidence introduced during the trial.

There was no mention during the trial of the accident that led to the charges, as agreed by the defense and prosecution attorneys.

Spears hasn't appeared in court and didn't testify during the trial. She faces possible jail time and a fine if convicted.