US Urges no Leniency for Hathaway's Ex-Boyfriend

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NEW YORK – U.S. prosecutors have told a judge that actress Anne Hathaway's former boyfriend deserves no leniency for cheating investors in a church scam.

Prosecutors submitted court papers in Manhattan on Monday saying that Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri deserves more than the four years in prison he promised to serve when he pleaded guilty.

Follieri is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for cheating investors of millions of dollars.

The government says the 30-year-old told investors he could buy Catholic property at bargain prices. According to prosecutors, Follieri said he had family connections to the Vatican and could take advantage of a church weakened by sex-abuse scandals.

The government says Follieri blew investor money on a lavish lifestyle, including a $37,000-per-month Manhattan apartment.