Greensburg Recovery OK Despite Economic Troubles

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) _ Community leaders are hoping that Greensburg's recovery efforts continue remain largely unscathed by the economic crisis.

Greensburg City Administrator Steve Hewitt tells The Hutchinson News that anything could tip the city in any direction as it tries to recover from the May 2007 tornado that nearly destroyed the town.

Hewitt said that through conversations with local bankers he has learned that, generally, people with good credit are still able to get loans to build new houses. Also, those who have loans in process are not being affected by the credit crunch.

The Kiowa County economic development director, Jeanette Siemens, says things are basically the same for the business sector.

Siemens and Hewitt were more concerned about the effect the economy might have on Greensburg's ability to attract new industry.

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