Casino Partners Look At Smoking Ban Implications

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) _ The Kansas Speedway's partner on a new state-owned casino in Kansas City, Kan., is backing away from claims that a potential smoking ban could threaten the project.

Speedway CEO Jeff Boerger said Thursday that revenue projections for the planned casino assumed it would not be subjected to a smoking ban.

He said if Wyandotte County adopted the proposed ban, the project's developers would have to go back to the drawing board.

The Cordish Co., of Baltimore, is the Speedway's partner. Cordish principal Joe Weinberg tried to downplay Boerger's claims and says his group is excited to be involved with the casino.

But Weinberg says he does believe a smoking ban could drive away up to 20 percent of casino customers, ultimately costing local and state governments in lost revenue.